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The 16 Best Deals in San Diego Delivered to Your Home or Office.

Catering Deals
Exclusively From Mobile Waiter The Best Deal In San Diego !

Acapulco Delivery

A five foot section of our famous burrito-by-the-foot
includes fresh garden salad, rice, chips & homemade salsa. Serves 10-15 people

$7.10 Per Person

Oceanside / Vista



Great Gyros

DEAL: Gyros Meat Served with rice, greek salad and chopped pita bread. Serves 10-15 People

$10.60 Per Person

La Jolla / Sorrento / UTC Downtown / Mission Valley

Cucina Italiana

DEAL: :Homemade Lasagna: Served With Insalsata Della Casa, W/Plain pizza bread topped with oregano and extra virgin olive oil. 12" pizza. With free dessert. Serves 8-10

$10.60 Per Person

Mira Mesa / Sorrento Valley / Poway
Rancho Bernardo / San Diego


Rendezvous Del Mar

Rendezvous Orange Chicken Half, Cashew Chicken Half, Served with steamed rice. Serves 14-16 People

$8.91 Per Person

Del Mar / Carmel Valley / UTC / La Jolla / Sorrento Valley


Kabob Cuisine

Chicken Kabob Combo Served with rice, greek salad, hummus and chopped pita.

$10.80 Per Person

Encinitas / Carlsbad /
Oceanside / San Marcos


On The Border

Mesquite Blackened Chicken Fajitas served with sour cream, pico de gallo, fresh tortillas, Mexican rice, refried beans and chips & salsa. Serves 16 People

$8.39 Per Person

La Jolla / Sorrento / UTC Downtown / Mission ValleyScripps Ranch / Rancho Bernardo / Poway


El Pollo Loco

100 pieces of flamed broiled chicken, pinto beans spanish rice and mashed potatoes and gravy. Includes Warm Tortillas and Fresh Salsa" Serves 50 People

$8.39 Per Person

Carlsbad / Oceanside / UTC / Downtown / Mission Valley Scripps
Ranch / Rancho Bernardo / Poway

Tacone Wraps

DEAL: Wrap platters include combination of thai cone, pilgrim, malibu melt, mambo, spa and kingston, unless specified. Served with chips and salsa Serves 8-13 People

$8.00 Per Person

Carmel Valley / Downtown / UTC / Scripps Ranch / Sorrento Valey / Mission Valley

Villa Capri

Farfalle Al Pesto Pollo & Baked Ziti served wIth Villa Capri Salad sliced barlett pear, gorgonzola cheese, toasted walnuts and grapes over mixed greens and balsamic dressing. Serves 25 People

$8.36 Per Person

Del Mar / Carmel Valley / UTC / La Jolla / Sorrento Valley Carlsbad / Mission Valley / Downtown

Elijah's Delicatessen

Budget Corporate Tray: Assorted 4 oz. sandwiches. Choice of smoked or roast turkey, black forest ham, roast beef, tuna or egg salad. Served with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles and condiments. Choose from potato salad, pasta salad, or cole slaw.. Serves 10 People

$11.32 Per Person

Solana Beach / Del Mar / Carmel Valley / UTC / La Jolla Downtown Carlsbad / Mira Mesa / Poway / Scripps / Mission Valley

Milton's Delicatessen

The afternoon nosh by Miltons Delicatessen- Cheese & Cracker Tray, Vegetable Tray, Fresh Fruit Fantasy. Serves 24 People

$6.73 Per Person

Encinitas / Carlsbad / Cardiff / Solana Beach / Del Mar / Carmel Valley / Sorrento Valley / La jolla


Panda Express

32 People Panda Party Pack. Orange chicken, spicy chicken w/ peanuts, beef w/ Broccoli, sweet & sour pork. Served with mixed vegetables, steamed rice ,fried rice and vegetable chow mein.

$6.73 Per Person

Vista / San Marcos / Oceanside / Solana Beach / Del Mar / Carmel Valley / UTC / La Jolla / Downtown Carlsbad / Mira Mesa / Poway / Scripps / Mission Valley


Pasta Bravo

DEAL: California Style: Choose one or two hot pastas, one cold pasta and salad. Serves 16 People

$11.70 Per Person

Vista / Oceanside / Carlsbad / Escondido / Solana / San Marcos / Carmel Valley Downtown / UTC / Sorrento Valey / Mission Valley La Mesa / El Cajon / National CityHillcrest


La Salsa

La Salsa Mexican Catering Fajita buffet chicken chicken or steak, rice, beans, tortillas, lettuce, chips & salsa, cheese, sour cream, fajitas in sauteed onions, red & green bell peppers and garlic.
Serves 12 People

$9.70 Per Person

Carmel Valley / La Jolla / Sorrento / UTC Downtown / Mission ValleyScripps Ranch / Rancho Bernardo / Poway / La Mesa / El Cajon / National City / Hillcrest


Breakfast Catering

Mobile Waiter Breakfast

DEAL: Continental Breakfast
Bagels w/ cream cheese, muffins, pastries, fresh fruit served with orange juice. Serves 12

$9.40 Per Person


Carmel Valley / La Jolla / Sorrento/ UTC Downtown / Mission ValleyScripps Ranch / Rancho Bernardo Oceanside / Carlsbad

Greek Caterer

Kabob Cuisine - "A North County Discovery"

Kabob Cuisine grills some of the most succulent chicken kabobs we have ever tasted. Everything here is made by scratch. The hummus is most flavorful and the rice is cooked to perfection. Its hard to get excited about rice, but you will, because it's wonderful. All entrees are served with cuisine veggie salad and your choice of fluffy, saffron-flavored basmati rice (with broiled tomato) or french fried potatoes.

Kabob Cuisine Menu
Serving Vista, San Marcos and Oceanside Carlsbad

Luna Grill -

Specialized in Persian and Greek food. Our goal is to offer uniquely authentic cuisine San Diego Catering prepared fresh when you order. We select the choicest meats and finest produce available. It takes a lot more time to dice up all the ingredients than open a can, but at Luna Grill we believe it is worth the extra time to prepare everything fresh. Our chicken and meats are marinated for hours and are made to order.

Luna Grill Menu

Serving La Jolla, Mira Mesa and UTC, Carmel Valley,

Luna Grill
San Diego Restaurants

Extreme Pita: The Extreme Pita, best known for its fast, fresh, nutritious selection of pita sandwiches. Popular items include the Greek Chicken Colossus, Extreme Club , Philly Cheese Steak, Beef Bistro, Grilled Chicken, Chicken Caesar, and Falafel, Very affordable For groups, with a regular sized pita priced from $4.29 to $6.99.
Extreme Pita Menu
Serving La Jolla , UTC, Downtown and Sorrento

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   Indian Princess

Authentic traditional Indian catering San Diego dishes. Salads, chutneys, beans, appetizers, cheeses, rice dishes, yogurts, breads and sweets are thoroughly covered.

Indian Catering San Diego
Indian Princess menu
Serving San Marcos, VIsta, Hillcrest, Mission Valley and Downtown

  Indian Tandoor

The meats are always tender and juicy, and the sauces are nice and tasty. The marinated chicken is very tender and you can still taste the marinate in each bite. The marinate itself is spicy and sour. A very good option for Indian food lovers. A great catering San Diego restaurant

Indian Catering San Diego Indian Tandoor menu
Serving Poway, Rancho Bernardo, Scripps Ranch, Mira Mesa, and UTC

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