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  Elijahs Delicatessen & Bakery

Elijah's is a New York-style deli/restaurant, located in a small strip mall. It has decidedly Jewish/New York tastes in decor.

It has a very extensive menu with breakfast served all day, lunch and dinner specials, and a take-out deli counter. It has a banquet room which can be used for private parties.



Formerly known as Blumberg's, this large, somewhat sterile-looking, brightly-lighted delicatessen .

Prominent are towering sandwiches, blintzes, smoked fish plates, and specialties like "mish-mosh" soup, which combines noodles, matzo balls, and shredded crépes in a big bowl of steaming chicken broth.

Count on reliable chopped liver, hearty breakfasts, and dinners like chicken-in-the-pot and savory beef brisket. The restaurant prides itself on Reuben sandwiches, which do impress.

Friendly servers keep their arms in shape with the over-laden plates

We found comments on this restaurant like:

Pleasantly Suprised

This restaurant really pleasanly suprised me. The service was very good and the food was delicious. They have great breakfast specials, their own in-house bakery, and I their Reuben was "to die for". I even bought a pound of rugelach to take home with me because I liked them so much.


Best Ruben I have ever tasted, the perfect mixture of pastrami and sauerkraut on their amazing homemade rye bread brings me back over and over again.

Their service is impeccable, with servers that remember your favorites, bus boys that care about service, and a visible enthusiastic management. There is no other deli in California that can compete with their taste and service.

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Elijahs Delicatessen & Bakery Specilizes In: Business & Corporate Catering Birthdays and Anniversaries, Presentations and Campaigns, Weddings and Rehearsals, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Sandwich and Deli Trays, Box Lunches and Family Packs And Custom Catering.

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