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  Extreme Pita

When it comes to "go for it attitude," initiative and entrepreneurship, you either have it or you don't. Brett Weiss has a major dose of it, and you can see it paying dividends at his fabulous Extreme Pita eatery at 4898 Convoy Street in Kearny Mesa.

Brett is the San Diego Franchisee and Area Developer of this hot new chain that had its beginnings in Ontario, Canada in 1997. In that short time the chain has grown to more than?130 locations throughout Canada and the U.S. Brett figured if the tasty, healthy product sold well in a cold climate, it would really be popular in a warmer region. So far he is right on!

The Convoy store is the first location in San Diego. Extreme Pita is nicely positioned in a niche between fast food and healthy eating restaurants.

Similar to quick service operations, Extreme Pita offers its customers the convenience of providing fast healthy food while avoiding the expense and delay associated with waiter/waitress service.The specialty here is the rolled pita sandwich filled with items such as Tuna, Grilled Chicken, Gyros,

Falafel and Roasted Turkey, mixed with various vegetables, add-ons and dressings. You walk to the counter, order your pita and watch the staff assemble it, on the spot, to order, on their "conveyor belt" like station. The Extreme Pitas come in small and regular sizes and are priced from $3.79 to $6.29.

Also listed are a Ranchero Chicken and a Chicken Caesar supreme Extreme Pita. Among the Originals are one made with veggies, another with Gyros, one with Roasted Turkey, one with Tuna and one called the Extreme Club, with turkey, ham and bacon. Among add-ons are bacon, cheese, guacamole and double meat.

Among sauces are Tzatiki, Hummus, Guacamole, Chipotle Mayo, Hot Cajun BBQ, Honey Mustard and Greek Feta dressing. Also listed on the menu are flat baked pitas topped with a variety of items, and fabulous salad. A large chart displays the nutritional breakdown of the signature items and the company also offers a catering service. Kids' value meals are also available.




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