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Mobile Waiter Presents: Extended Services

Mobile Waiter offers other great services. These additional services called extended services, includes flower delivery, courier & messenger express.

You can order Mobile Waiter's Extended Services online or thru our customer service operators, who stand ready to answer all your questions and help to explain all of your new options.

Flower Delivery

Flowers by Lion in the Sun Florals Unique

Now the most beautiful and unique flower arrangements in San Diego are available for delivery as an extended service. Lion in the Sun Florals Unique has been serving San Diego since 1981, as one of the most respected Flower Shops in California.

These arrangements are guaranteed to get the WOW effect every time. Their designers have more than 60 years of experience and Lion in the Sun is not a regular Flower Shop, they're a design studio, where each unique creation come to life.


For more info: Call us at (858) 792-1000 or (760) 732-7900