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Order History

Your Order History page keeps track of your most recent completed orders. This feature allows you to print a receipt, remember your last order, view and even submit the order without you having to remember who had what. On the Order History page you can view/edit an order or add that order to your favorites.

Screen shot of your Order History Page

By moving an order to your favorites, you may name the order for quick access. Example "Dinner For Two", "Montly Meeting", etc... Clicking on the view/edit link takes you to the summary of that order, where other great features are available.

Duplicate this order - With just two clicks you can re-order the same meal for now or future. This feature allows you to edit, add more items or delete some if you want before you submitt the order. You can also print a receipt or have it emailed to you.

View a summary of an order

On your Order History page, you can see the most recent orders and your favorite orders, but you also can click to view all orders you've placed online, and those will also be available for you to re-order as well.

View ALL ORDERS you've placed online


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